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  • Applications are submitted directly to your CU*BASE application queue
  • Loan decisions are sent back to the dealer, right in their RouteOne interface
  • Using the Counteroffer Exchange system, dealers can communicate back and forth with your CU in near real time

The Process

Since this is a third party integration, there will be multiple processes occurring on multiple teams to get your service established. This process generally takes approximately 30 days.

  1. Complete the form below, and submit it
  2. Our team will contact you for acceptance of pricing, questions about your submission, and the RouteOne access agreement if necessary
  3. We will schedule time with your team to go over how the dealer management process works for RouteOne dealers
  4. After you have submitted the dealers that you'd like to work with initially, our team will send that list to RouteOne for initial matching (They match up the CU*BASE dealer ID, with the RouteOne dealer ID)
  5. Once we have the initial dealer matching results, we will forward them to your CU for approval
  6. We will work with RouteOne to establish connection parameters
  7. The CU*Answers LenderVP team will work with your CU to ensure your Delivery Channel Configuration is setup properly in CU*BASE
  8. CU*Answers will work with RouteOne and your CU to conduct a Production Readiness Test, which essentially submits a test application to your CU*BASE application queue
  9. CU*Answers will coordinate with your CU and RouteOne to determine the best time to deploy to production
  10. Live day!

The Cost

The costs below represent CU*Answers costs for this integration. Any costs associated with your RouteOne relationship are not included.

When You're Billed How Much
One Time Setup $500
Per Application $.50

Credit Union Information

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Please enter the full name of your CU.
Please enter your CU number and corp ID (Usually 01). (e.g. 86001)
Who is the primary contact for this request?
What phone number can we reach them at?
What email address can we reach them at?
When certain events happen, such as new loan application submissions, the system sends a notification email. Where would you like these sent? (typically a distribution group)

Automotive Product Configuration

Please fill out the fields below to indicate what product codes you would like associated with each model year range, and requested term for new, used, or demo vehicles.

After submitting this document, our team will contact you to ensure we have everything we need to complete your request.

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